Tomb Raider Apocalypse Episode 3: The Last Midnight (Armageddon) on Interactive TV


Tomb Raider Episode 3: The Last Midnight (Armageddon) is the third chapter in the interactive TV Tomb Raider series and has launched today exclusively to Sky digital viewers in the UK and Ireland. Sky digital viewers take on the role of the all-action heroine Lara Croft as she embarks on the third and final stage of her death-defying adventures on Sky Gamestar.

This time, the world's most famous video game heroine must find the mythical Eye of Osiris in order to save the world from certain destruction. Armageddon takes off where episode 2 ended, with Lara finding the entrance to the eerie underworld crypt. Players must guide Lara through ten levels and explore the caves and catacombs and defeat the army of evil ghouls and un-dead creatures that lurk in the maze.

For the first time, players will have to battle it out against the clock to complete the final level before the clock strikes midnight, making episode three the most exciting episode in the trilogy.