Tomb Raider Reloaded is being transferred to a new developer and will continue to be maintained, according to a post from an Emerald City Games developer. The game will also continue to see future updates once the transition has completed.

"The game will continue being fixed and maintained, we are just in the process of transferring the game to a new developer and they need a bit of time to ramp up! But rest assured, there is no plan to shut down the game and the game will continue to be updated and bugs fixed." WarriorrPig posted on the official Tomb Raider Reloaded Discord.

"On behalf of the team I do apologise for the silence on our side, our team has been very busy with the transfer. However, I assure you the new developer is passionate about the game and once they have ramped up they will do a great job on maintaining and updating Tomb Raider Reloaded as well as answering all your queries."

Inspired by the original Tomb Raider games, Tomb Raider Reloaded features roguelike and procedurally generated stages for a new and varied experience with every run. As players progress through each level, they will be able to stack abilities and perks such as piercing shots, experience boosts, grenade throws and arch shots for more powerful attacks, quicker character leveling and a wider range of damage.

Tomb Raider Reloaded comes in three flavours including a Google Play, Netflix and Apple iOS version and is published by CDE Entertainment Ltd.

Tomb Raider Reloaded