A new edition of Treasure Hunters has been published on the official Tomb Raider blog that provides insight into the financials behind Shadow of the Tomb Raider. The Lara Croft-helmed adventure game cost 135 million dollars to produce (including promotion) and has sold 8.9 million units to date.

In contrast, Rise of the Tomb Raider cost 100 million dollars to produce, mostly recouped from an exclusivity deal with Microsoft, and sold 11.8 million units. The most successful of the rebooted Tomb Raider games is Tomb Raider, selling 14.5 million copies to date.

Previous editions of Treasure Hunters have revealed Tomb Raider Underworld sold 3.8 million units, Tomb Raider Legend sold 6.4 million units, The Angel of Darkness sold 2.5 million units, Tomb Raider Chronicles sold 1.5 million units, The Last Revelation sold 5 million units, Tomb Raider III sold 6 million units, Tomb Raider II sold 7 million units and the original Tomb Raider sold 7 million units.

As of September 2021, the Tomb Raider series has sold 85 million units worldwide, according to data from Square Enix. Square Enix regularly tally the total units sold for their main intellectual properties and a summary of this data can be found at the bottom of most press releases. The Tomb Raider franchise continues to be a solid performer for the Japanese publisher.