Animal Logic: Digitising Lara Croft
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Animal Logic worked with Lara Croft on a series of commercials.


According to producer Lara Bowden, this project was not short of volunteers from the animation department. Little wonder. Vital statistics: 34D-24-35. Distinguishing features: 9mm handgun.

"Motion capture made Lara really come to life, catching the subtleties of her movement" - 3D animator JR (who was actually supposed to be working on the flames, not the legs).

Animator Craig Welsh used torches, rim lighting and water reflections to define her comely features and create a certain feel. "Precisely because she isn't real, she can be the ultimate fantasy figure" - Maxted Thomas PR.

According to compositor Maryanne Lauric, the guys in 3D were always willing to work late on this one. And the 3D elements came to her with every curve finessed to perfection.

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