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Animal Logic Digitising Lara Croft


Working directly with Ogilvy and Mather Dublin, Animal Logic's director's cut for the Irish market turns the original Lucozade spot on its head. Being a spoof, the commercial relies heavily on concepts from the award winning original 'Lara Goes to the Dogs', directed by Bruce Hunt.

"The joke works through the audience having a familiarity with the first" says Animal Logic's Bruce Carter, who directed the latest version. "Even the title of 'director's cut' is a joke."

Created for a core market of 18-24 year olds, this is the fourth commercial in which Animal Logic has animated Lara Croft. It not only extends the life of the Lucozade campaign but adds dimension to the Lara Croft character. Says Animal Logic producer Melinda Jones: "When we created the first Lucozade commercial, Lara Croft had already become a computer icon.

"She was a no-nonsense, high energy character who could always extricate herself from tricky situations. As the series continued, her more 'human' qualities came through. It was important for us to remain true to the original spot but by this time it was clear that Lara had to be outgunned!"

Because the 'hero' is this time one of the dogs, Lara was not the only one needing detailed characterisation in this new version. While the pack charges ahead, the dog needed the nous to stay back and wait to plan his attack. The animation of this cunning canine was a significant character building exercise in 3D.

Lucozade, of course, remains the ultimate star of the commercial. Having launched 7th May, 2001, the campaign cleverly pre-empts the June 15 release of the Tomb Raider film (with Angelina Jolie looking every inch like the sexy cyberstar).

It's a forward thinking spin for the 'Positive Energy' campaign. And, according to agency producer Eugene Bent, the feedback to the latest campaign has been - well - "extremely positive!"

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