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[ July 27th 2000 ]

British director Simon West has been talking to Variety about why he decided to direct the upcoming 'Tomb Raider'. The 'Con Air' helmer says he initially rejected plans to direct the adaptation of the video game phenomenon, but eventually came to see the project as like "coming across James Bond in 1961". Despite never having played the video game, West says he set about creating "James Bond on acid, James Bond as it should be, slightly sadistic, supercool, with a surreal element."

Indeed, West says audiences will be grateful that he ditched the original 'Tomb Raider'script: "The original script had scenes with people visiting the Queen and drinking tea. It was a tragedy waiting to happen. I did this as a public service!" 'Tomb Raider', which stars Angelina Jolie and Daniel Craig, starts shooting at Pinewood Studios on Monday.

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