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[ July 27th 2000 ]

It's official - Tomb Raider The Movie, directed by Simon West (Elizabeth & Con Air) and packing the power of Paramount Pictures, begins filming Monday at Pinewood Studios, London after months of preparation. Angelina Jolie, cast to play adventurer heroine Lara Croft, was in London Thursday for the British Premier of Gone In 60 Seconds where she was said to be excited about the upcoming role.

"I've done just about everything I could possibly do to get ready and I think its going to be good. When I was first told about it, I laughed and thought 'you're out of your mind', I actually hung up the phone. "But then I read the script, I met Simon (West) and he talked about all the things he wanted to do and I thought 'I like this', I like who Lara's becoming and if I can pull it off then it's gonna be a great film. If I can do it, and survive it."

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