Evil Hat Productions has allegedly commented on 'bad faith actors' who are wilfully distorting information in a post on X that appears to be at odds with comments made by Tomb Raider Franchise Executive Producer Dallas Dickinson in July of 2021.

According to this post on X from Tom at Evil Hat: "Just a quick reminder that part of your playtesting duties is to recognise your role in the word-of-mouth discussion that develops around the game. So please be mindful that when you share rules or impressions of the game, people may misinterpret what you say or, in some cases, wilfully distort it. Video game fandom has long been a hotbed for bad faith actors. Keep that in mind whenever you post."

"For context, today we've seen a few posts on social media screencapping the section on Raiding and Colonialism in the game. That section has been mis-attributed as coming from Crystal Dynamics and mis-characterised as a pronouncement about future video game releases. We included this section as a statement of our principles when it comes to designing the tabletop RPG, and we stand firmly by it."

"Crystal Dynamics does review and grant approvals over all our work but the video game is not the TTRPG and you can't draw any specific inferences about upcoming releases from CD based on our approach to the TTRPG".

However, during a Tomb Raider community stream in July of 2021 published on YouTube, Tomb Raider Franchise Executive Producer Dallas Dickinson commented on a unified vision for Lara Croft across the mainline series and products outside of the game space.

"Even with work outside of the game, we want to make sure that anything that comes out from now on has those lines at least crossed, that we talk about them, and again this is one of my roles, that when we talk with a partner we say 'alright, how are we presenting Lara, where exactly in Lara's lifetime is this story or piece taking place and let's make sure it is aligned with that unified vision that we've now laid out in our own side,' in story beats and other points that we haven't yet shared with you."

"It's a big process" Dallas Dickinson continues, "it's a big part of what we as sort of the full-on franchise leadership team works on together."

On Tuesday of this week, we reported that British adventurer Lara Croft will transition from being a raider of tombs to a seeker of truth as Evil Hat Productions and Crystal Dynamics seek to redefine the Tomb Raider series in order to escape a history wounded by colonialism, according to an excerpt from the official Tomb Raider Shadows of Truth RPG rulebook.

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