Idea Planet Launch and Tomb Raider developer Crystal Dynamics have joined forces to create a new limited-edition collectible to herald the release of Tomb Raider I-III Remastered. Tomb Raider Collector's Bundle is being crowd-funded and requires 2500 orders to move from concept phase to production.

Tomb Raider Collector's Bundle includes Lara Croft's classic backpack, produced from authentically-aged and distressed top-quality vegan leather with a fully lined interior. Also included in the bundle is Lara Croft's journal, again produced from authentically aged and distressed top-quality vegan leather with the cover sporting a debossed Croft family crest.

The final items in the Tomb Raider Collector's Bundle include a Tomb Raider pin collection, made from die-cast zinc alloy featuring cover art from the first three Tomb Raider games, and the Croft family crest, fashioned from antique nickel with metallic gold and black wash.

For more information hop on over to the official Idea Planet Launch website.

Tomb Raider Collector's Bundle