archiving Tomb Raider one pixel at a time


Project Eden is a 2001 adventure game from Tomb Raider creators Core Design. A collection of press assets from the archives of Crystal Dynamics are now available courtesy of Director of Community for Tomb Raider and Avengers Meagan Marie. Follow the preview image below to be transported back in time.

Tomb Raider Chronicles is maintaining a monster collection of original press assets from legacy Eidos games (1998-2007) including the original Commandos (Pyro Studios), Herdy Gerdy and Project Eden (Core Design) and Project Snowblind (Crystal Dynamics) available to view as part of an initiative to archive legacy video-game assets from games published by Eidos.

In recent years this magazine has exclusively covered Lara Croft and Tomb Raider but prior to the switch we would cover all games published under the Eidos banner. We are keeping these assets online for digital historians looking to preserve video-game history and plan to rewrite all pages to a mobile-friendly format.

Project Eden