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[ August 20th 2000 ]

Mystery and intrigue has shrouded the set of Tomb Raider recently, with only small pieces of information surfacing on the current status of the movie. A Film Forces spy has this to say. "I saw a pretty simple scene. It was set at Hatfield House in North London, which looks quite good - it fits in well with the Lara Croft style. Angelina looks good in this scene - you can tell that's she's physically fit and she really does look like Lara (even though in this particular scene she had a white outfit on).

"Lara and her companions are in the house and it's raining, at night. An assault team, complete with night vision goggles and gasmasks, is approaching the house." Earler, a University of Greenwich student reported seeing an action sequence involving a helicopter being filmed around the studios of Pinewood, where the Simon West movie is being filmed. Tomb Raider The Movie is due for release Summer 2000.

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