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[ August 16th 2000 ]

Core design will be including the custom-written Chronicles Level Designer in the PC version of Tomb Raider: Chronicles, the fifth in the incredibly successful Tomb Raider series, which is due for release this November. According to a report published by the Croft Times, Core builds a unique level designer with each edition of Tomb Raider, and this time the publication of its Chronicles version means that the user can now fully customise the environment in which Lara performs in, as well as built new maps and create new adventures for Eidos Interactives most famous heroine.

Eidos Interactive also plan to support the new public release of the Chronicles Level Designer by offering support via the web, and also updates featuring new enemies and custom-designed levels and textures. A tutorial will guide the user through the basic functions, and some online gaming companies are drawing up plans for level competitions. CT also confirms that Tomb Raider: Chronicles, looks likely to spell the end of Tomb Raider, with Next Generation, the sixth instalment, hitting the Playstation 2 middle of next year.

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