To herald the forthcoming arrival of Lara Croft on the Nintendo Wii platform, Tomb Raider Chronicles is back with another exclusive United Colours Of Lara Croft competition, and this time we're asking fans to download a stunning new render from Tomb Raider Anniversary and dress up for Halloween!

Our Lara Croft render comes in three flavours. Two JPEG versions (Lara on black and Lara on white) and a special transparent PSD for those with a flair for Adobe Photoshop. Follow the below hyperlinks for previous entries from our 'Tomb Raider Anniversary Colours' and 'Tomb Raider Legend Colours' challenges.

Two winning entries will be selected November 12th 2007. Prizes to be announced by Eidos and Tomb Raider Chronicles soon. All entries must be emailed to for publication on our web site.

Halloween Entries - Halloween Media - Halloween Terms


All entries MUST BE THE AUTHOR'S OWN WORK. Competition winners will be notified by email. Our adjudication panel's decision will be final, and no discussions will be entered into.

Tomb Raider Chronicles reserves the right to withdraw or refuse any entry that violates any law or constitutes copyright infringement, and will do so to the best of its ability. If you believe any work published contains copyright infringing material, please contact us immediately and we will take action.

Tomb Raider Chronicles is not responsible for any/all entries submitted, and publishes work on the basis that the above Terms & Conditions have been met.

By Submitting work, all entrants are agreeing to these Terms & Conditions.

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