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[ July 31st 2000 ]

During the recent premier of Gone In 60 Seconds, the Irish Times interviewed Angelina Jolie about life, love and of course, her new role as Eidos's heroine Lara Croft Training for the Simon West movie has been far from easy, according to Jolie, after having spent the last two months on an army course completing rigorous exercises.

"I'm off cigarettes and alcohol and sugar and everything else and I'm away from my husband. I'm doing kick boxing and yoga and bungee-jumping and deep-sea diving and everything else. "It's so physically demanding and I can't cheat it, because I just won't make it through the movie. We get to go to Iceland and Cambodia and lots of other places, which is not a life you can complain about."

According to Jolie, the movie will not be computer driven, meaning that most of the action will be shot live in the wilderness, which should prove exhausting for the cast and crew. Although having turned down action adventure movies in the past, Angelina says, "I've been fortunate enough to play women who are vulnerable," she says. "But I think Lara's a great role model. We're not making her overly sexy, we're taking the breasts down a bit."

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