Behaviour Interactive has published a lore article on Lara Croft ahead of an official Tomb Raider Dead by Daylight crossover that will see the British adventurer join the multi-player survival horror and action video-game as a survivor. The article was published on the official Dead by Daylight website.

"Even as a child, Lara was driven by an insatiable curiosity. Her father, Lord Richard Croft, an archaeologist and aristocrat, was frequently away on expeditions as she grew up, forcing her to become independent at a young age. It was at university where she met her best friend, Samantha Nishimura. Sam encouraged Lara to have fun and experience life beyond the quiet halls of schools and museums."

"When the opportunity arose to go on an archaeological expedition to the island of Yamatai, Lara jumped at the chance. Her mentor, Conrad Roth, selected her and Sam to be a part of the trip. Before they reached the island, everything went sideways. Their ship hit a storm and split in two, scattering the expedition across the island's shore. Lara struggled to find her crew while avoiding the pursuit of the nefarious Solarii Brotherhood who infested the island. She managed to find Sam with a seemingly marooned inhabitant named Mathias, but when Lara passed out, Sam and Mathias disappeared."

"As she pursued Sam, she learned that the Brotherhood was looking for a vessel for an ancient queen, and, led by Mathias, became convinced that vessel was Sam. When Lara finally tracked them to a cave under a waterfall, they had Sam tied to a pyre, preparing to test whether she was the one - or if she would simply burn to death."

"In a desperate attempt to save Sam, Lara let loose an arrow, taking out the torchbearer. But she was outnumbered and promptly captured and beaten by the Brotherhood. As two guards led her over a natural stone bridge, an unnatural black fog enveloped them. Her captors distracted, she broke free and leapt from the bridge into the river of blood below."

"As she sank, dozens of limbs reached out at her, grabbed her, tore away her bow, pulled her under. It was as if the river was alive. She kicked and struggled to reach the surface. At last, she emerged from the sick viscera and found herself in an entirely new nightmare."

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Lara Croft in Dead by Daylight