Lara Croft is coming to Dead by Daylight in the latest Tomb Raider cross-promotion and high resolution key artwork is available to view on our website courtesy of Tomb Raider developer Crystal Dynamics. Dead by Daylight is developed by Behaviour Interactive and published by 505 Games and Deep Silver.

Dead by Daylight is a multi-player survival horror and action video-game where one player takes on the role of the killer and four others play as survivors. The objective for the killer is to wipe out the survivors and the objective for the survivors is to escape by fixing generators and powering up the exit gate.

Hop on over to the official Dead by Daylight website for further details and see our Tomb Raider Crossover section to view the latest assets showcasing Lara Croft in Dead by Daylight plus additional content from previous tie-ins.

Lara Croft in Dead by Daylight