Tomb Raider Collection 1 physical cartridge on Evercade has become the fastest-selling cartridge in Evercade's five-year history, Blaze Entertainment has announced. The original 32-bit classic Tomb Raider series is available to pre-order and will release in July.

Blaze Entertainment also announced 1 million physical Evercade cartridges have been sold. "This milestone has been achieved thanks to the continued growth of the Evercade platform, the quality of retro and indie game licences, and the recent hardware launches from both Evercade and the HyperMegaTech brands," says Blaze Entertainment.

Evercade is a cartridge-based retro gaming system from Blaze Entertainment. Games are released on physical cartridges and come complete with a printed manual. The Evercade ecosystem includes four decades of gaming history comprising over 380 video-games from home consoles favourites to arcade classics and modern indie retro titles.

Evercade Retro Gaming System from Blaze Entertainment