DECA Games has introduced two new Community Managers for Tomb Raider Reloaded. Willow and Leptonn announced their arrival on the official Tomb Raider Reloaded Discord and both are gathering feedback from players. DECA Games is now running support for Tomb Raider Reloaded, Lara Croft GO and Lara Croft Relic Run.

Tomb Raider Reloaded features roguelike and procedurally generated stages for a new and varied experience with every run. As players progress through each level, they will be able to stack abilities and perks such as piercing shots, experience boosts, grenade throws and arch shots for more powerful attacks, quicker character leveling and a wider range of damage.

Tomb Raider Reloaded comes in three flavours including a Google Play, Netflix and Apple iOS version and is published by CDE Entertainment Ltd.

Tomb Raider Reloaded by Liminalty