Blaze Entertainment has posted a new video showcasing Lara Croft in Tomb Raider on Evercade, a cartridge-based retro gaming system. Tomb Raider Collection 1 will be released in July of 2024 and is available to pre-order on the official Evercade website.

Evercade is a retro gaming system designed and manufactured by Blaze Entertainment and comes in both handheld and console variant. The Evercade EXP-R is a handheld retro gaming system with full support for the Evercade physical cartridge ecosystem and over 380 games available and the Evercade VS-R is a console "designed to be a part of your gaming setup, under your TV or in your gaming den with friends."

The first three Lara Croft-helmed video-games developed by Core Design, comprising Tomb Raider, Tomb Raider II and Tomb Raider III, will be available in July of 2024 as a physical cartridge in a bundle titled Tomb Raider Collection 1.