Tomb Raider developer Crystal Dynamics has announced a live panel featuring the "incredible women on the Crystal Dynamics narrative team." The panel includes Tomb Raider Narrative Designer Belinda Garcia and Tomb Raider Lead Writer Samantha Wallschlaeger. The broadcast will begin on 30th of March at 11AM PT on Twitch.

Since Crystal Dynamics announced they are developing a new Tomb Raider video-game powered by Unreal Engine 5 the studio has continued to court leading industry talent to help build out the future of Lara Croft. One such hire was Belinda Garcia, who joined the studio as Game Writer and Narrative Designer alongside former Days Gone Game Director Jeff Ross.

Embracer Group and Amazon Games recently reached an agreement under which Crystal Dynamics will develop a new multiplatform Tomb Raider title, with Amazon Games providing full support and publishing the game globally. The as-yet-untitled new Tomb Raider game is a single-player, narrative-driven adventure that continues Lara Croft's story in the Tomb Raider series.

Crystal Dynamics