Crystal Dynamics are seeking a Senior Combat Designer to help develop Tomb Raider. The Senior Combat Designer will "will collaborate with the Design Director to design and develop all features and systems related to our AAA combat experience." Prospective candidates are invited to apply on the official Crystal Dynamics web site.

Duties include the "design, document, and drive the development of all game systems focusing on ranged and melee combat mechanics, boss and enemy design, experience tuning, and related features and prototype, build, and ultimately own the moment-to-moment combat melee and shooting experience."

Crystal Dynamics is an award-winning video-game studio responsible for creating and developing a formidable catalogue of games including Mad Dash Racing, Soul Reaver, Whiplash, Project Snowblind and more recently Marvel's Avengers and Tomb Raider. The studio is currently working on a new Tomb Raider game powered by Unreal Engine 5.

Senior Combat Designer on Tomb Raider