archiving Tomb Raider one pixel at a time


Embracer Group, newly minted owners of Crystal Dynamics and the Tomb Raider franchise, has announced it will broadcast an annual general meeting including selected deep dive with CEO Lars Wingefors and CFO Johan Ekstrom on 21 September, 2022.

"At the webcast, the annual operations overview will be supplemented by selected deep dives sections and a presentation of selected parts from Operative Group Gearbox Entertainment by CEO and founder Randy Pitchford. The presentation will also feature Head of Asmodee Research Mikael Le Bourhis, and Asmodee's Chief Human Resources Officer Caedric Durth."

"Market insights will then be provided by Tom Wijman, Lead Analyst Games at Newzoo, the world's leading expert in video games and gamer data."

Embracer Group recently announced the completion of the acquisition of development studios Crystal Dynamics, Eidos-Montreal, Square Enix Montreal, and a catalog of IPs including Tomb Raider, Deus Ex, Thief, Legacy of Kain and more than 50 back-catalog games from Square Enix.

Lara Croft in Rise of the Tomb Raider