A brand new engine for powering custom Tomb Raider levels has been released by the development team behind Tomb Editor. Tomb Engine (TEN) is now available to download from GitHub with documentation and a new dedicated section available on Tomb Raider Forums.

Tomb Raider Level Editor was bundled with Tomb Raider Chronicles and released in 2000. The software provides level designers with the tools required to build their own Tomb Raider adventures starring classic Lara Croft. Since the original release a number of alternative editors have been released including DXTRE3D by Turbo Pascal and Next Generation Level Editor by Paolone.

More recently, Tomb Editor and Tomb Engine by Monty, Lwmte and their team has been released as open source and highly advanced alternatives to the original Tomb Raider Level Editor. Follow the above hyperlinks to get involved.

Lara Croft in Tomb Raider Chronicles