archiving Tomb Raider one pixel at a time


Embracer Group CEO Lars Wingefors has given an interview to on mergers and acquisitions and what this means for the future of Tomb Raider following an agreement to purchase Eidos, Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix Montreal from Square Enix Holdings Ltd.

Discussing his vision for management structure and creative independence post-acquisition, Lars says the three studios will "operate with a great deal of autonomy."

"I've been growing up with these IPs. I remember shipping the first Tomb Raider when running my mail-order business back in Sweden in 1996, I guess, on Sega Saturn, and importing it from the UK. It was fantastic, and the same goes with other IPs. And so, for me, it's just bringing something to people that love it. We will take good care of the people, the IPs, and if we set reasonable expectations, I think we will also be happy with the financial performance on this."

On the topic of ports, remakes and remasters, Lars says: "Should we make something new? Should we do some licensing, or work for hire? If you have really strong AAA IPs in the group - and I'm not necessarily talking about Tomb Raider in this case - that makes that work easier."

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Embracer Group on Tomb Raider post-acquisition