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As Tomb Raider 25 draws to a close, Tomb Raider developer Crystal Dynamics has released a highlight video showcasing some of the more memorable moments from the celebratory community streams. The Tomb Raider 25 Community Stream Highlight Video is available to watch on YouTube.

"Our community made everything about #TR25 that much more special, and our monthly streams were a major highlight." says Crystal Dynamics. "Take a look back at wholesome and funny moments compiled by @terenete, with a bonus track by the talented @thatnorskchick as an epic send-off."

Tomb Raider 25 ran through 2021 and current Tomb Raider developer Eidos Montreal and Crystal Dynamics released a steady stream of assets each month to compliment their retrospective look at Tomb Raider past and present. Alongside the asset drops were live-streams with the studio and members of the community.

Tomb Raider 25 Community Stream Highlight Video