Tomb Raider: War of the Worlds, a fan-created adventure based on the Tomb Raider franchise starring Lara Croft, has been released by project lead Mateusz Dzięcioł. The stand-alone video-game has been in development for ten years and is available to download on the official Tomb Raider: War of the Worlds web site.

"I've started to be interested in making games in 2005 when the Tomb Raider Level Editor came into my hands. Since then I was working on several projects and the final one 'War of the Worlds'." creator Mateusz Dzięcioł says. "It started in 2011 as a simple fantasy of post-apocalyptic theme level. Later it evolved into the game that we know right now. It was a complex process, full of learning, passion, and working on my skills."

Tomb Raider: War of the Worlds is set 10 years after humanity has been decimated by an unknown pandemic. Governments have collapsed and there are no effective evacuation plans or attempts to stop the disease. Those who survived have sought safety underground.

"Lara is one of the survivors of a pandemic of an unknown disease. Formerly, she was a historian and archaeologist. Today she lives in a bunker called Asylum with a group of other survivors. The life of community members revolves around caring for the common good, supplies, and security. Lara's role most often comes down to participating in the expeditions looking for medicines or food. Croft believes in the existence of a 'mythical' medicine and she hopes to find some proofs in the ruins of the Medical Pavilion. Soon their peace is interrupted."

Download Tomb Raider: War of the Worlds from the project's official web site.

Tomb Raider: War of the Worlds