Tomb Raider awakened on 15 July, 2000 and at time of writing features 9,482 html pages including 4,309 news articles, 57,778 images and 2,202 binaries weighing 84.2GB. Work on making the entire web site mobile friendly has begun in earnest and the goal is to optimise every single page to be viewable on any device. This is a herculean task and your patience is appreciated during this transition phase.

The plan is to complete the landing pages first, those sections of the web site dedicated to a specific game or product, and then proceed to update the content pages. Finally 21-years worth of news articles will be updated.

Work on supplementary styling and typography is also under way and all work should be competed within six months, in good time for the next chapter of Tomb Raider.

Tomb Raider Responsive Web Site