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[ September 2nd 2000 ]

Tomb Raider: Next Generation, both for PS2 and PC, will foster an entirely new set of adventures that move far from Lara's original tomb raiding. Set inside a large, underlying story, the new game will be released in what will be called chapters or episodes, making three, four, even five TR titles available within a year. Like a television or comic book series, the game will be segmented into more detailed sequences with a possible season finale to tide people over until the next year.

This new approach blows the doors open on sub-plots, new characters, and certain characters getting their own side stories, ala X-Files." During a recent media interview, Core Designs Adrian Smith said that Chronicles will be the end of Lara as we know it, opening up unlimited opportunities for future developments with Next Generation. Next Generation is dur for released 4th quarter of 2001.

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