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[ September 1st 2000 ]

Aston Martin - The smooth sleek curves dressing a powerful V6 powerplant will soon be the preferred method of transport for Miss Lara Croft, played by Angelina Jolie, in the upcoming Simon West Movie Tomb Raider. According to the Internet Movie Data Base, Aston Martin is currently conducting covert meetings with producers on a top secret design for the vehicle, which will feature in the opening sequence of the movie. Until then, only cast and crew will be able to see the machine. The prototype V12 Vanquish has a top speed of 190 miles-per-hour and will cost between $255,000 and $300,000 when it comes on the market next year.

According to IGN's Chris McOuat, "The car will be released in Europe this fall, and actually goes by the codename 'Project Vanquish' so the car has yet to actually be named. It will be 3100 lbs, feature Lotus-designed suspension and be powered by a Ford Cosworth 6.0L V-12 making over 500hp capable of a top speed in excess of 200mph." The new vehicle is made from an aluminium and carbon fiber mix which makes it extremely light and strong, ideal for the spectacular stunts expected in Tomb Raider. Sean Connery appeared alongside an Aston Martin DB7 in many of the Bond movies, and Britain's Prince Charles is known to be a big fan of the classic sports cars.

Aston Martin was formed in 1914 by Lionel Martin and Robert Bamford and over the past eighty years has become one of the most dymanic and luxury sports cars available to drive. Each Aston Martin is designed and built by the hands of expert craftsman, a consummate coalition of eye and experience, heart and instinct.

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