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[ June 2nd 2005 ]

Tomb Raider Chronicles has once again achieved critical mass by satisfying 1.6 million readers during the month of May, 2005. 1,641,188 readers perused our web site from 1 May - 31 May, with interest spurred on by our coverage of all Eidos titles showcased at this year's E3 Expo in Los Angeles. This figure raises the bar for June, 2005 and registers a new monthly reader record since our inception June 6, 2000.

Tomb Raider Chronicles remains committed to providing unparalleled coverage on all Eidos titles, including Tomb Raider Legend, and announces a portfolio expansion designed to tap new titles under the aegis of SCi Entertainment Group, who recently concluded their acquisition of Eidos plc. Our Tomb Raider Legacy program remains in place providing readers and gamers with an invaluable resource for the complete Tomb Raider series.

We look forward to your company during June 2005, and thank you for your continued support. Please contact us with comments or suggestions. With your input we can ensure the needs of our readers - which are paramount to our continued success - are met.

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