E3 2005
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Eidos' E3 2005 Digital Press Kit.
Tomb Raider Legend
E3: IGN Audio Interview
E3: Developer Interview
E3: Legend GS Footage 2
E3: Legend GS Footage
E3: Legend IGN Footage
E3: 02 Model Renders
E3: 12 Screen Shots
E3: 09 Screen Shots
E3: 09 Concept Artwork
E3: Legend XBOX Footage
E3: Legend Trailer 02
E3: Jeep & Lara Join Forces
Hitman Blood Money
E3: Hitman GS Footage
E3: 04 Concept Artwork
E3: 09 Screen Shots
E3: Cinematic Trailer
Commandos Strike Force
E3: GS Game Footage
E3: 09 Screen Shots
25 To LIfe
E3: 03 Game Trailers
E3: 09 Concept Artwork
E3: 09 Screen Shots
Just Cause
E3: Game Trailer
E3: 12 Screen Shots
Miscellaneous Media
E3: Official Web Site
Full coverage
GameSpot: 'Tomb Raider Legend' unveiled on GameSpot
IGN: IGN on 'Tomb Raider Legend' with Crystal Dynamics
GameSpot: 'Tomb Raider Legend' game footage released
IGN: 'Tomb Raider Legend' game footage released
GameSpot: 'Tomb Raider Legend' primed for unveiling
GameSpot: 'Tomb Raider Legend' footage in XBOX 360 press release
Test Driven: Jeep Commander unveiled in New York
TRC: Eidos announces Just Cause from Avalanche Studios
TRC: Eidos announces E3 2005 line-up
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