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[ May 16th 2005 ]

A revised version of the popular windows-based utility for installing, configuring and running the original Tomb Raider on computers loaded with Windows XP has been released by Bokkie from This utility automatically configures audio and visual aspects of the game, including support for GLIDOS - the popular GLIDE wrapper for improving the graphics quality of Tomb Raider - and DGVoodoo (a free alternative) along with full automated support for VDM Sound.

Version 1.04 of our Advanced Tomb Raider Installer includes: Added support for dgVoodoo Glide wrapper v1.31 by DÉGÉ; Added 'NO VDD Mode' option for ATI cards when dgVoodoo is used; Added option to create game shortcuts on desktop; Removed Glide version 2.11; Added support for Tomb Raider Gold and numerous patch refinements.

Head on over to our exclusive Windows XP / Windows 2000 Guide HERE to collect our Advanced Tomb Raider Installer along with all associated programs, patches and updates. Be sure to check out our FAQ for easy step-by-step installation instructions. Examples of how good Tomb Raider Original can look below. Screen shots courtesy Joseph from


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