Tomb Raider Chronicles has developed and produced a series of exclusive 'Tomb Raider on Windows XP' and 'Tomb Raider on Windows Vista' patches that resolve numerous problems when installing and playing the Tomb Raider series on Windows Vista, Windows XP (Pro, Media and Home) and Windows 2000.

To accompany this exclusive release, we have also produced a 'Tomb Raider on Windows XP' and 'Tomb Raider on Windows Vista' installation guide and FAQ, illustrating how to successfully install and configure the Tomb Raider series on Windows Vista and Windows XP and pooling six years worth of technical support from Tomb Raider Forums.

Our Tomb Raider patches - for the complete series - prepare the original game EXE for use with Windows Vista and Windows XP, and offer the option of installing FMV DLL files to correct cut scene problems. We also provide an option to copy audio data from the CD to correct reading and skipping errors.

Tomb Raider episodes supported by our patch include Tomb Raider Chronicles, The Last Revelation, The Lost Artifact, Tomb Raider 3, Tomb Raider 2 and Tomb Raider, ensuring maximum compatibility with Windows Vista, Windows XP and Windows 2000.

Additionally, our TRAOD SCU will automate setting up and configuring The Angel Of Darkness on Windows XP and Windows Vista, incorporating a selection of parameters for enabling cheat mode and many other options.

Our Advanced Tomb Raider Installer automatically and painlessly configures the original Tomb Raider to run on Windows XP, setting up both audio and video and includes support for GLIDOS - the popular GLIDE wrapper for improving the graphics quality of Tomb Raider - and DGVoodoo (a free alternative) along with support for VDM Sound. was the first to develop and release a working Windows XP and Windows Vista solution for the entire Tomb Raider series and will continue to work with publishers in order to provide backwards compatibility for older titles running on today's new operating systems.

Eidos recommends our 'Tomb Raider on Windows XP' solution to customers, but this is NOT an official release. Our patches are provided "as is", with no express or implied warranty. While we are confident you'll find our solutions successful, by downloading you agree to indemnify Eidos plc and Tomb Raider Chronicles should any damage result from use. Use at your own risk.

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