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[ August 16th 2000 ]

Deep in the hidden surroundings harbouring Pinewood, the winds whistling through the undergrowth, the eerie sound of the night teasing the backbone of our intrepid witness, the Mantis lurks, eying with subtle accuracy the scene before him... "I'm a student at the University of Greenwich here in swinging London and the film crew for the Tomb Raider flick have just moved in. (The Mummy 2 was filming here up to last week, but I missed most of what was going on with that one.)

"So far they are just filming at night both exterior shooting and some interior in the chapel and painted halls of the buildings (the buildings they are using were once part of the Naval college here and have been around for a couple of hundred years and look kinda Museum like, I'll send a piccy next scoop.)

"Friday day time though there was a helicopter flying around the area with another coptor by its side which was apparently filming the first (the first being a fairly large passenger chopper and the other a smaller, faster copter) form what I over heard this was also connected to the filming of the movie. Angelina Jolie has been turning up every evening about five ish. Unfortunately thats about all the info I have for the time being, but i will keep you posted as the filming is set to stay there for a couple of weeks yet.

"Armed with my student pass I shall conquor their security and get some decent info and maybe the odd piccy. As a side note, security around the set is really tight, exept for the fact that they are not allowed to stop us students from wandering about, Hurrah! Out!"

Static resumes the airwaves as the silence envelopes the perimeter of Pinewood once again.

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