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[ March 30th 2005 ]

The mystery surrounding the name of the seventh Tomb Raider title now under the aegis of Crystal Dynamics is all but solved after the discovery of serial number 78588907 filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. 'Lara Croft Tomb Raider Legend' was filed by Core Design Ltd on March 16, 2005. This information, coupled with a leaked copy of PSM due for publication May 2005 and the appearance of 'Tomb Raider Legend' on all but officially confirms the game's title, as we reported last week.

This has been a busy week for British-based Eidos. Elevation Partners and SCi are both vying for the beleaguered publisher and a bidding war has emerged even though Eidos confirmed in a statement the company had accepted an all-cash "get out of jail free" offer from Elevation. SCi Entertainment Group has been slowly fortifying its position by securing 26.3% of shares in Eidos through agreements with Merrill Lynch Investment Managers and investment group Schroder.

Officials from SCi met with management from Eidos on Tuesday in an attempt to hammer out an all-share offer in favour of SCi.

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