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[ March 26th 2005 ]

Tomb Raider Legend may well be the name of the seventh Lara Croft-helmed adventure, if the official www.tombraider.com web site is anything to go by. Eidos bulldozed the old Tomb Raider web site early yesterday morning and erected a holding page informing fans of Lara Croft that information would be 'coming soon.' Another minor detail that appeared was the name 'Tomb Raider Legend.' Follow the rather fetching orange hyperlink above to see for yourself.

Of course, this could be a mock title, and right now the Eidos brass are rolling around their offices trying to contain borderline hysteria while dribbling profusely and rasping with excitement and clutched stomachs at the utter genius of the Tomb Raider webmaster at fooling the mighty pillar and bastion of Lara Croft intelligence, Tomb Raider Chronicles.

Either way, fans of www.tombraiderforums.com have been ardently speculating on what the concept art now adorning www.tombraider.com actually means. Many are suggesting an Aztec element in the game, while others tout an adventure in Egypt in keeping with the original concept of Tomb Raider, as developed by Core Design. An email from an Eidos representative yesterday afternoon confirms Eidos will spectacularly unveil a new Lara Croft and the future of the Tomb Raider franchise very soon.

Stay tuned for full coverage and a bevy of new media, and be sure to join the debate on www.tombraiderforums.com to discuss the direction Crystal Dynamics intend to take the Tomb Raider franchise.

* Update 28.03.05 - Eidos has now removed 'Legend' from the page name.

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