Tomb Raider Inferno grand finale preview from Dark Horse
[ 22 June 2018 ]
Dark Horse preview the grand finale of Tomb Raider Inferno starring adventurer Lara Croft.
Shadow of the Tomb Raider E3 photo collection
[ 21 June 2018 ]
Crystal Dynamics put out over 600 photos from their Shadow of the Tomb Raider E3 showcase.
Shadow of the Tomb Raider finest frames redux edition
[ 19 June 2018 ]
Another 18 of the very finest frames from the 4K Shadow of the Tomb Raider gameplay trailer.

Copyright 2000

[ November 27th 2000 ]

Does Tomb Raider (ver.) run on Windows 2000 ?

Windows 2000 users can now benefit from a series of exclusive patches that address several technical problems that occur when attempting to play Tomb Raider Chronicles, Tomb Raider - The Last Revelation, The Lost Artifact and Tomb Raider III on their Windows 2000 operating system. Our exclusive multi-version Tomb Raider patches were extensively tested on Microsoft Corps Windows 2000 Professional operating system with a selection of hardware profiles and video card combinations including: Matrox G Series, Creative, ATI, NVIDIA * and Diamond Multimedia.

Prior to patching, Tomb Raider Chronicles, The Last Revelation, The Lost Artifact and Tomb Raider III instantly dumped back to desktop when executed. Following the replacement of the original Tomb Raider excecutables with our modified Tomb Raider executables, we are now able to run Tomb Raider Chronicles, The Last Revelation, The Lost Artifact and Tomb Raider III using all screen resolutions and texture depths with no desktop dump. FMV movies also play seamlessly.

Windows 2000 users are invited to download our unofficial Tomb Raider patches and replace their existing executables with our newly downloaded versions. Please note, this is NOT an official release, and we are not responsible for any damage to your system applying this patch may cause. Once again was the first to develop and release exclusive Tomb Raider Windows 2000 Guides and Patches.

Windows XP Patches and Fixes

We have also released exclusive patches for Microsoft Corps Windows XP operating system. Click the link for more details and downloads. The Original Tomb Raider: To run Tomb Raider Original on Windows 2000 or Windows XP, install the game, then go to c:\tombraid and right mouse click on tomb.exe. Select the screen tab then under Usage make sure Full-screen is selected. Then run Tomb Raider Original as normal, and escape-key past any out-of-sync errors.

Sold-out Software, a budget video game distributor, has re-packaged the original Tomb Raider with support for Windows 95/98 and Windows ME. We have packaged the post-installation files in order to work-around Tomb Raider Original installation problems. Windows 2000 and XP platforms have both successfully supported Tomb Raider Original using the work-around above. See GLIDOS for additional GLIDE environment support.

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