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[ August 1st 2000 ]

As principal photography begins on the Tomb Raider movie at Pinewood, an official press release reveals that more members of the cast have been joining Angelina on the production, reports movie magazine Empire Online. Empire also reports that according to an article on Dark Horizons, the internet-movie rumour-mill site, Scottish actor Iain Glen has been cast as the movies villain Powell, 'an adversary of Lara Croft's father, Lord Croft, and now Lara's sworn enemy'.

Glen is joined by Leslie Philips who will be playing Wilson, 'a former admirer of Lord Croft who has now turned against him and joined forces with Powell'. Shooting began on location in London today on a former 007 sound stage which will house the Croft Mansion with location shootings from Cambodia and iceland.

There are no confirmed reports on whether Lara Croft actress Angelina Jolie has arrived on set at time of posting. Tomb Raider The Movie is due for release Summer 2001.

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