Tomb Raider on Windows 7
Tomb Raider on Windows 7
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Tomb Raider and Unfinished Business Installation Guide.
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Tomb Raider and Unfinished Business for Windows Vista and Windows 7 32bit Setup is a simple way to play Tomb Raider and Tomb Raider Unfinished Business on Windows Vista and Windows 7, 32bit versions. This page will introduce you to some of the key features and benefits. For a complete list please refer to the help documentation that is installed with the program.

Download Installer Here


This package installs both Tomb Raider and Unfinished Business on Windows Vista and Windows 7. It takes advantage of 3 different emulation programs.

- DgVoodoo, a glide wrapper (as opposed to different wrapper solutions used by other programs such as Glidos and Dosbox)
- VDMSound, a soundcard emulator
- Ssdh, a mscdexnt replacement for cdaudio music play and a revamping of the earlier sapucdex tool

Using The Installer

VDMSound is not included so if you miss it you have to get it and install it first, before running this utility. A warning and links to its download are shown at the beginning of setup anyway. If you didn't install VDMSound yet, you can get VDMSound here or here. Install it, reboot when required then get back to launching this setup again. dgVoodoo 1.40+ and ssdh are included.

The Tomb Raider cdrom must also be in the drive, which must be the first (lowest letter) drive if you have more than one.

Installation Guide

You only have to run it, it has been designed as a self-extracting installer executable to make the procedure as user-friendly as can be. In the course of installation, a box will pop up with instructions on screen to help complete the setup of the dgVoodoo tool.

Running dgVoodoo setup

- click on DOS tab and search for glide2x.dll in \windows\system32 folder
- click on VESA tab enable "Use built-in VESA support"
- click on Global tab set Screen bit depth = 32 bit
- click on Glide tab enable "Fix TR1's shadow problem" close dgVoodoo setup.

System Requirements

- Windows 7 or Windows Vista (32 bit versions)
- VDMSound installed
- At least 16.7 MB of free space on hard disk


Tomb Raider Windows Vista and Windows 7 x32 installer 2009 by gidierre. This program is released with NO WARRANTY and freely usable . Any trademarks mentioned here are the property of their owners. To the author's knowledge no trademark or patent infringement exists in this document. Any such infringement is purely unintentional.

VDMSound is the free SoundBlaster emulation software for Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista by Vlad Romascanu

dgVoodoo is the free Glide wrapper by DeGe

ssdh is the revamping (made by gidierre) of sapucdex, earlier mscdexnt replacement (made by Sauro Puccini) in order to keep cdaudio play capability under Windows Vista and above.

Inno Setup is a freeware installer for Windows programs.

Thanks to EscondeR (Technical support moderator for testing, good advice and constant support.

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