Tomb Raider Underworld Relics and Treasures
Location for Relics and Treasures in Tomb Raider Underworld

Relics: 6

Mediterranean Sea - At the top level of the Kraken area (when coming back from thors glove room.) - Relic Location Video Tutorial

Coastal Thailand - Move the bridge after you've solved the puzzle. - Relic Location Video Tutorial

Croft Manor - In a sewer near the pressure pads. You must place two weights on the pressure pads near the exit of the sewer hall. Then the boxes will make the gate at the exit raise but it will also raise the small sewer gates behind you. Crawl under the sewer hole and retrieve the relic. - Relic Location Video Tutorial

Southern Mexico - In Jormungandr's Pool in statue's right eye. Must have obtained Thor's belt and returned hammer to original position. - Relic Location Video Tutorial

Jan Mayen Island - Before entering the hall with swinging hammers there are two switches. One of them leads to a Relic. - Relic Location Video Tutorial

Andaman Sea - No Relic present in this level.

Arctic Sea - This is in the room before the Natla fight. You have to hit four runes around the room to get the center waterfall to stop. Once this is done you can swing to it. - Relic Location Video Tutorial



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