The Last Revelation
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Based entirely in Egyptian locations, Last Revelation's plot revolves around ancient mythology and the alignment of the stars at the millennium. Finding herself in a serious predicament, Lara Croft's objective is clear from the outset - she must escape a terrifying destiny and rectify a situation that threatens to destroy humanity.

The storyline is driven seamlessly through gameplay via advanced engine technology. New programming routines allow gameplay to dissolve into cut-scenes and FMV, making the adventure more continuous than previously experienced.

The game engine has been re-designed to incorporate even greater visual detail, a new targeting system, new environment interaction, vastly-improved AI and an all-new inventory system.

The traditional inventory rings are now obsolete - the interface is totally redesigned and now allows items to be combined, collected and stored - adding a new dimension to game-play. The inventory also contains Lara's diary, featuring an ongoing journal, hints and tips, location maps and further details about Lara's history.

Application of the transformed inventory also gives new life to puzzle elements, a key feature of Last Revelation. Combined with Lara's new moves and abilities, game-play features greater scope than ever before.

Clear objectives and smaller locations result in less time spent travelling between areas. Individual environments are more reminiscent of the original game - tightly focused and puzzle-orientated, but with higher levels of detail and a greater number of 3D objects than seen before, many of which Lara may interact with.

An emphasis on ancient locations and tombs allows mystery, suspense and characteristic atmosphere to play key roles throughout.

The Last Revelation is availabe on PC, Playstation, Dreamcast and MAC.

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