The Last Revelation
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Tomb Raider Series XP/Vista Multi Patch

Requires Windows Vista or Windows XP

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Desert Railroad Loading Error

Resolves problems loading levels, especially the Desert Railroad level upon completion of GUARDIAN OF SEMERKHRT.

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File "binkw32.dll" Not Found

If you get the above message reporting a missing file, download this patch from Eidos Interactive which resolves the problem.

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TLR Utility Patch

Movement fixes, Sound fix for PCI 128 Creative Labs, save game slots have been added, some corruption issues in 32-bit mode have been fixed.

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Updater 1.02 MAC Full Ver

See below. For full version of game.

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Updater 1.02 MAC Demo

A new option, "Compatibility Filtering" has been added to the TR:TLR Setup application (under the Graphics tab). If you had trouble with the game drawing blocky textures after going to the inventory/save game menus, you can turn this option on to fix the problem.

With this option on, you will only see a black background when you pause the game for inventory - OpenGL graphics textures are now correctly loaded into the game's memory space - Fixed a bug that could cause crashes immediately on startup or after the purple loading bar was almost done

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