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Level 7: 40 Fathoms

The FMV shows the sub diving into the ocean. Lara has grabbed a hold above and she is diving with it. The captain realizes Lara, because he hears a noise. He activates a metal arm to grab her, but a shark attacks the sub and the captain loses the control. The sub crashes on the rocks and starts sinking. Lara releases the hold and she now finds herself into the ocean, 40 fathoms deep.

You begin the level underwater, so you had better save your game and of course find a place to surface. From the starting position, roll and start swimming to the left, following the barrels and the crates at the bottom of the ocean that "show" the way. Keep swimming, ignoring the shark and do not change direction. Soon you will see a sunken ship. Swim towards it and notice the anchor at the top. There is an opening behind it, so swim through it to surface into the ship and get some air (see this screenshot if you are not sure where the opening is).

Inside the sunken ship - The shark from outside will follow you inside and if you wait for a bit, a second shark will show up. If you are quick, you can avoid both. Swim through the only wide opening and then upwards. Locate the small opening on the left (at the top) and swim through it, then through the next one in the far left corner to reach the last room. You can see the trapdoor almost at the end and the well-hidden lever is located in the far left corner behind the slope (as shown in this screenshot). Pull it and swim through the trapdoor. Follow the tunnel until you can surface.

Flooded room with crates – Notice the wide opening at the other side above. You will reach it in a while. For now, swim to the other side of the room and locate the opening on the right side beneath the stack of crates. Swim through it and climb out of the water on the other side. Follow the passage and use the switch to drain the water in the previous room. Return back to the opening beneath the stack of crates, but do not drop down. Instead, take a standing jump to grab the crate beneath the wide opening and pull up. Climb into the wide opening. If you accidentally fall down, you can climb up the crates from the bottom (as shown this screenshot).

1st Secret – You can see the Gold Dragon beyond. You can get it as long as you avoid the four squares in the middle of the room, because they are trapdoors which will make you fall down. Drop backwards and grab the edge to alert a thug inside. Pull up and kill him from above. Drop down and pick up his Shotgun Shells (or the Shotgun if you do not have it), plus the Dragon from the other side.

Do not drop through the trapdoors. Take a running jump over them and they will open beneath you. Two thugs are lurking below, so kill them from above. Once you are done, safely drop down and pick up their Small Medi Pack and Harpoons. Locate the opening at the top of the room. How to get there: notice the flat and the two sloped crates opposite the opening. Stand between the two sloped crates (as shown here) and jump up to grab the edge of the right hand one (if the opening is to the back of you). Pull up and back flip onto the other sloped crate. Slide a bit and jump to land on the flat crate (see this screenshot to get oriented). From there, take a running jump to grab the opening and pull up.

If you need a visual guidance for the following part of the ship, see this diagram.

2nd Secret – The switch to the left of the entrance (as you enter) opens a door at the end of the hallway around to the left. This is timed, so you need to be quick. Maybe the most difficult part are the horizontal pipes on the floor. So, use the switch, press Look to break the camera and roll. Start running, taking a running jump over the first pipe. If you keep pressing the Jump button and the up direction key, Lara will not get stuck to any of the pipes. As you jump, try to stand on the left hand side of the hallway. As soon as you jump over the last pipe, side-flip to the left. Turn left and climb through the opening. Once you pass through it, the door remains open.

Drop into the water and follow the underwater tunnel. Three barracudas attack, so you can either harpoon them or ignore them (if you quickly swim through them, you will not lose a lot of health). When you reach the outside area, turn left to locate the Jade Dragon. A shark is swimming above and again you can avoid it if you are quick. Get the Dragon and swim back the same way you came.

Back in the sunken ship - As soon as you return from the Secret, go to the right to the hallway you run passed before and then left to a small twisted passage. At the point it does a zig-zag, locate the opening above. Climb on it and use the switch to open a door elsewhere. Drop down and go to the other side of the twisted passage. On the T-junction, go to the right, passing four burners on your left. As soon as you turn around the next two corners, you will see the door you just opened. Go through it.

The switch here turns off the first pair of burners. It is timed and you have 40 seconds to reach there. At this point, the real timed run has not started. You just need to reach the first pair of burners (in 40 seconds, which is not difficult as it is not too far away) and use the switch above the second burner to open a door next to the door of the 2nd Secret. Once you use the switch, press the Look button to break the camera and side-flip to the left twice to avoid getting toasted by the burners. Now take your time to reach the door you just opened. Go through the twisted passage, turn right, then left to get to the door you just opened. Climb through it.

The timed run – Now the timed part begins. At this point, the first pair of burners should be on. Here is the deal: the switch here turns off the second pair of burners and you have 60 seconds to return back to the switch that turns off the first pair of burners, flip it, quickly go through the passage with the burners (that all of them should be off) and stand at the end after the last burner. Tips:

• It is important that you do not hesitate at all during the whole process.

• If you want, you can practice a bit on how you can get back to the first switch. You can decide if you want to use the long hallway (as soon as you exit this room) or the twisted passage. Although the twisted passage seems a useful shortcut, you will probably spend more time to get past the two horizontal pipes just before it, because they are not lined. If you use the long hallway and you do not bang on any of the walls or do not get stuck in front of any pipe, you will make it a long before the 60 seconds have passed.

• Avoid climbing on the ledges of the doorways and always jump on them to earn more time.

• In the long hallways, keep jumping to cover more distance, earning precious seconds.

• Always press the Look button to break the camera and roll after using each switch. (Pressing Look and Roll at the same time is more effective.)

• If you want to save your game, do it in the midair whilst jumping in a long hallway.

For the desperate players - If you cannot make it, use the first switch that turns off the first pair of burners, run to the hallway, pass through the second lit pair of burners, use the switch to open the door and jump into the pool in order to extinguish Lara. Note that you may need to use a Medipack.

Once you make it – Use the switch to open the door and enter the room with the pool. A barracuda is about to show up, so drop backwards to alert it and climb out of the water. Take care of it and jump into the pool again.

Flooded vertical tunnel\ 3rd Secret – Swim down and then upwards, through the open trapdoor. Keep swimming upwards to reach the third part of the tunnel. Use the lever to open a door back at the first part (bottom) and close the trapdoor you swam through before, blocking your way to the surface. Swim back down and through the door you just opened. Ignore the Dragon in the alcove on the right hand side and use the lever to open the trapdoor at the top. Swim back up to surface and get some air. Swim back down and get the Gold Dragon (plus four sets of Harpoons as a reward for finding all the Secrets). Tree barracudas appear from nowhere, so either harpoon them or quickly swim to the top and climb out of the water. Kill them from here or ignore them.

(Note - You can get the Secret as soon as you use the lever at the bottom in order to avoid swimming down again, but it releases the three barracudas. If your breath ends though and you start losing health, you may die if the barracudas attack you.)

Rooms with red dirt - Follow the passage around to the left and carefully drop into the room (#1) with the red dirt. Go around the perimeter until you reach an opening in the floor. Drop into the room (#2) below and onto the dirt and you will slide on the floor (notice the other opening above, next to the one you came from). Go to the right side of the room where the wide opening is and pull the movable crate beneath the opening. Climb on the crate and then into the opening. Use the switch to open a double trapdoor in the previous room that throws more dirt. Drop back down (see this screenshot if you are not sure where the switch is).

Take standing jumps to clear the angled ledges until you reach the two openings in the ceiling on the left wall. Climb through the left hand opening (the right one is the one you came from). The ladder is not climbable, so pull yourself into the upper room (#3) having the ladder to your back. Once above, turn right and jump onto the lowest ledge of the dirt pile (it is slopped and you need to jump on it). From there, take a running jump to the ledge beneath the opening in the ceiling and climb in the upper room. Use the switch to flood a room elsewhere. Carefully, make your way down (room #3) and then into the previous room (#2) where the double trapdoor is.

Now climb through the right hand opening, the one you came from. Again, the ladder is not climbable, so pull yourself into the upper room (#1) having the ladder to your back. Once above, head to the back left corner and climb onto the ledge beneath the wide opening on the left wall. Climb into the opening and use the switch at the end of the hallway to open a door in the room you flooded before. Make your way down (room #1) and then into the previous room (#2) where the double trapdoor is. Facing the trapdoor, get past it and climb into the opening on the left.

Follow the passage to reach the flooded room. A scuba diver emerges from the door you opened, as soon as jump into the water, so be alerted. Harpoon him or climb out of the water and kill him from above. Swim through the opening and follow the passage. Quickly climb out of the water at the end because a thug will start shooting from above. Kill him along with his friend and pick up their Shotgun Shells and Large Medi Pack. Also, get the two sets of Harpoons from the raised ledge (or the Harpoon Gun instead of one of the sets if you do not have it). Use the switch to open the door and go through it to end the level.


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