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Level 2: Venice

Small courtyard - You begin the level dropping onto a block and sliding to the ground. Turn around and draw your weapons. Cross the alley and Lara will aim at a Doberman that is lurking in the courtyard beyond. Take care of it and be careful of the sniper on the balcony above to the right. He starts shooting when you enter the courtyard, so cut to the right beneath the balcony. Use this place for a cover and jump to the middle of the courtyard shooting at him. Or, stand beneath the lantern opposite the balcony and start jumping up and down whilst shooting at him. If you are lucky, you will not get hit by his bullets and soon he will be dead.

Once you are done, do not holster your guns. As soon as you go through the next passage, another Doberman attacks along with a thug with a globe. You can proceed in the passage just to trigger them. Usually the Doberman appears first, so you can time your steps in order to kill them one by one. Kill them whilst jumping backwards in the yard below the balcony. Pick up the Small Medi Pack the thug drops and proceed to the wooden platform.

Boathouse and building on the opposite side - Jump into the water and swim beneath the wooden doors. Climb on the ledge and push the button to open a door in an area you have not been in yet. Drop into the water again and swim beneath the doors to return back. Climb on the wooden platform you came from and enter the building. Get the Flares from the table and push the button to open the trapdoor above the ladder. Grab the ladder and climb up it. Dismount on the right or back-flip onto the floor behind. Push the button to close the trapdoor and open another one above. Jump to grab the ladder or jump up to grab the edge of the opening; climb to the roof.

Shoot the window and enter. The door you opened before is on your left. Do not go there now. Instead shoot the next window and jump from the windowsill to the red awning below. Walk to the end and jump to the balcony. Pick up the Boathouse Key from the sniper you killed before, jump back to the awning, then back to the windowsill. Now go through the door having your weapons drawn because a Doberman attacks from inside. Take care of it and go through the glassed walkway. Throw the switch at the end to open a door elsewhere and return back to the room.

Just to the right (or to the left if you face the glassed hallway), shoot the window and climb on the sill (as shown in this screenshot). Take a running jump across the river to grab the awning on the other side and pull up. Note that you can also perform a running jump without Action and Lara will land at the edge of the awning. Jump to the next two awnings and then to the ledge beneath the door you just opened. Climb through it and use the switch to open a wooden door in the water below. Drop back to the ledge and then jump into the water.

Back to Boathouse - Again, swim beneath the wooden doors and climb on the ledge. Use the Boathouse Key to open the doors, but before getting the boat, jump into the water and climb on the wooden platform to kill a thug that will drop a pair of Automatic Pistols. Get into the boat and drive outside, then through the door you opened on the right hand side.

(Note about the boat – It is not important to get the boat. You can explore and complete the level without it. You may want to get it though if you want to move faster or follow an alternative way to finish the level. To use the boat, press Action to get into. Press the up direction key to move forwards and the down direction key to move backwards. Press the left and right direction keys to steer. To dismount, press the Jump button along with the left or right direction key. For extra boost, press Action whilst driving.)

1st Secret – When you pass the door, dismount and jump into the water. Light a Flare to see clearly, locate the opening on the right and climb into (see this screenshot to get oriented). Or, light the Flare before getting on the boat. Drive the boat through the door, park it against the opening on the right and press Jump along with the right arrow to dismount directly in the opening. Pick up the Silver Dragon and the Flares. If you want, you can climb down the ladder and kill two rats below, however you can reach this area if you take the boat and drive around the perimeter of the area.

2nd Secret – Jump into the water and get the boat. Or, if you have parked the boat against the opening, jump into it directly. Drive through the tunnel. Turn right and ride down the waterfall. Dismount and jump into the water. Get the Gold Dragon from the bottom, get the boat again and drive through the tunnel to reach an area with columns and a ledge on each side (if you climbed down the ladder where you got the 1st Secret, turn to face the water and swim through the tunnel on the left hand side in order to get the 2nd Secret).

Dark area with columns – Dismount and get the two sets of Uzi Clips just to the left (as you exit the tunnel). There are two rats on the right hand ledge that you can avoid if you want. Swim to the other side and climb on the ledge. Kill the rat and shoot the window. There is a thug inside, so stay sharp. You can stand in front of the window and shoot whilst side-jumping. Once he is dead, pick up the Automatic Pistol Clips he drops and the Shotgun Shells from the bottom left corner of the room.

If you still have the boat and you want to continue with it, get it and park it close to the double open door, which is next to the ladder. Return to the room you killed the thug and use the switch to close the double door and raise the water and your boat. Exit and climb up the ladder. Jump into the water and pull the underwater lever to open the exit doors on the other side.

If you do not wish to take the boat, you do not have to do the above. Simply climb up the ladder, jump to the pool behind the water breaker and swim beneath the closed doors.

(Note: From now on, we will not mention the boat, as it is not necessary to get it.)

(Major Shortcut: At this point, you can take a major shortcut and end the level in 5 minutes. Note though that you will miss several pick-ups and kills, but not the level's final Secret. If you want to see how, check the description at the end of the page.)

The canals – Jump into the water and exit to the canal. Go to the left to reach a wooden platform next to the three gondolas. If you have the boat, you can drive through them. Climb on the platform and then on the crate. Beyond you can see another boat and a thug on the ledge. If you want to kill him now, stand at the end of the platform and shoot. He leaves two sets of M16 Clips that you can get now or later.

On the bridge – From the crate, take a standing jump to grab the awning and pull up. Jump to the bridge and kill the thug and his Doberman that attack from the left. You can get the less possible damage if you back-flip to the awning as soon as they appear, and kill them from there. The dog cannot bite you from that far, and the thug carries just a bat, which means he cannot shoot you. Note that, depending on the weapon you choose, you may need to jump to the bridge again in order to lure them out in case they go hiding. Pick up the Large Medi Pack the thug dropped and continue to the right. Another thug appears, so take care of him and pick up the Steel Key he drops. Use the key to open the nearby door and enter. Drop through the opening in the floor and use the switch to open a gate back in the canals. Climb back up and kill the thug that is waiting outside. Pick up the two sets of M16 Clips he drops and return to the bridge.

Safely drop to the wooden platform and if you did not do it before, kill the thug that is patrolling on the ledge next to the boat. He leaves two sets of M16 Clips, so go and get them. Here you can see a closed door and you need a key for that. Jump into the water and swim through the canal past the wooden platform with the crate. Turn left around the corner, passing the door you entered the canals on your right. There is a platform around the corner with a thug on it. Climb on the platform, kill the thug and pick up the Large Medi Pack and two sets of Shotgun Shells he drops.

From the platform, you can see a canal with a clothesline. Do not go that way. Instead, continue swimming the other way, passing beneath a stone bridge. Climb on the platform next to the gondolas and kill the thug that comes from inside the building. Pick up his Small Medi Pack and enter. Kill the two rats and use the switch to open a door elsewhere.

3rd Secret – Exit to the platform, but before jumping into the water, notice the ledge with the windows on the left hand side. Jump up to grab the ledge and pull up (as shown here). Shoot the windows and pick up the Jade Dragon (plus four sets of Automatic Pistol Clips as a reward for finding all the Secrets).

Shoot the windows at the other side and go down the wooden ramp. Jump into the water and keep swimming (having the ramp to your back). Turn right around the two corners, keeping an eye on the left to spot the ledge with the door you just opened. When you climb on the ledge, a thug appears from nowhere on the platform to the right. Kill him now or leave him for later. Enter and drop into the shallow pool below. The door closes behind you, so pick up the Iron Key and climb up the ladder on the right hand side. A thug and his Doberman are waiting up there, so climb to the top and kill them both. Pick up the Small Medi Pack the thug dropped and use the switch to open the doors. If you did not kill the thug before, do it now by shooting from the gap between the right hand wall and the door.

Jump into the water and swim having the doors to your back, passing beneath the clothesline. On the T-junction, you can see the platform ahead. Here turn left and follow the canals to the end to reach the ledge where you found the second boat (close to the mines). Climb on the ledge and use the Iron Key to open the door. A thug appears from inside, so take care of him. Enter and use the switch to open a gate, which is exactly outside, at the other side of the canal.

Exit to the wooden ledge and notice the closed doors on the left. These are the exit. Also, notice the mines in front of the doors that you will activate later. You are ready to end the level, so let's go and find the button that opens the doors. Jump into the water (get the boat if you like) and swim through the gate you just opened. When you pass through the second gate, swim to the left beneath the stone bridge. Turn right in the narrow passage and then left. Follow the canal passing a wooden platform on your right until you reach two open doors on the right hand side, next to a wooden ledge. Do not enter because a thug is waiting inside. Climb on the wooden ledge and surprise him from here. When he is dead, jump into the water (the doors close) and climb on the ledge he was standing on to get his Automatic Pistols Clips.

The timed run – The button here opens the exit doors. This is timed but the time starts counting as soon as you exit the room, by passing over the wooden ledge. So, do not panic when you press the button. There are three ways to complete this part, so choose below.

First way: using one boat – Park the boat inside and push the button. Get the boat, drive over the wooden ledge to exit and then drive up the ramp to pass through the room you got the 3rd Secret. Do not forget to use the extra boost or you will not be able to drive up the ramp. Jump into the water and keep driving, passing through the narrow passage with the two gates. As soon as you pass the second gate, turn right, jump into the water without stopping the boat, let the boat explode the mines and quickly swim through the exit. If you are having trouble with the time, park the boat outside and when you press the button, swim beneath the doors. This way, the time will never start, so take your time.

Second way: using two boats – If you still have the two boats around, follow the above procedure and let the one boat explode the mines. Now get the second boat, follow the above procedure and pass through the already exploded mines. Jump into the water and go through the exit.

Third way: no boats - If you swim carefully among the mines, they are not dangerous, so it is not necessary to explode them. So, swim beneath the door in order to avoid triggering the timer and either swim all the way in the canals to reach the mines and swim to the exit doors, or swim under the door, get on your boat, drive near where the mines are, then stop (do not lead the boat towards the mines), jump in the water and swim through the mines to the exit.

Major Shortcut: As soon as you enter the canals, the left way leads to the exit doors that are protected by some mines which are harmless at this point. Once you activate them later, you are supposed to detonate them by using a boat.

Back to the entrance of the canals, swim to the right hand way and if you want kill the thug on the platform and get his pick-ups. From the platform you killed the thug, you can see a canal with a clothesline. Do not go that way. Instead, continue swimming the other way, passing beneath a stone bridge. Climb on the platform next to the gondolas and kill the thug that comes from inside the building. Climb on the ledge with the 3rd Secret, shoot the windows at the other side and go down the ramp. Swim though the canal to reach the room with the button that opens the exit door. If the thug appears, kill him.

Push the button to open the exit door. This also closes the door of the room you are currently in and activates the mines. Do not step on the wooden platform here, because the timer will start. Instead, swim beneath the closed door. Now take your time to reach the mines and carefully swim among them. Go though the exit doors to end the level.


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