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Level 8: Bouchard's Hideout

In this level, you need to find and talk to Bouchard, get more info about Werner and convince him to give you protection.

A rat is coming over you. It is not friendly, as all of them in this level, but you can avoid it. There is no reason to waste ammo. Keep going and ignore the door on the right hand side, as you will come out from it later. Watch your steps as the floor ahead collapses. When you see the floor trembling beneath you, do a standing jump to land on the solid floor ahead. If you accidentally fall down, you can either follow the crawlspace on your right (ignore the rat here) or climb up the vine covered wall ahead. There is nothing special in the crawlspace apart from another rat, so climb up the wall.

Use the pipe on your right hand side to shimmy across the pit and do not stop at all, because Lara does not have enough strength. This pit is the one you would have met if you had followed the crawlspace. If you accidentally fall down, go to the right where the pile is and use the small box to climb above. If you cannot do it, return back and use the pipe. Again, be careful because the floor ahead collapses. Ignore the crevice on the right hand wall because it does not lead you to the opposite ledge. Either slide into the water or take a running jump and grab the opposite ledge.

If you jump into the water, dive deep enough and follow the water tunnel under the rock. At the end (now, can you tell us what the rat is doing here?), grab the vines on the right hand side and keep climbing up until you reach the crevice on the wall. Shimmy to the left and drop down. If Lara does not correspond to your left key, press the up cursor key slightly to get the "hang" position.

If you jump and grab the opposite ledge, you can use the pipe above and shimmy across. The metal bar above prevents you from continuing to the end, so drop to the small platform. You have about three seconds to side-step a bit to the right and jump to the narrow ledge ahead, because the platform below you collapses. Make sure you side-step to the right, otherwise Lara jumps up, grabs the pipe again and sometimes gets stuck in the crevice of the ceiling. Immediately jump forwards because the ledge collapses. If, at any time, you fall into the water, just swim to the end and refer above on how you can climb out.

Follow the tunnel and pull the movable rock at the end. This unblocks the way to Bouchard. Kick open the grate you just passed and crawl through the opening. You may want to kill the rat here, because it bites you whilst crawling. Pick up the Vector-R35 Clip and open the next two doors. You are back at the beginning of the level.

Back at the start - Pass the rocks on your left, jump into the water and climb out at the end. Follow the opening in the wall on your right hand side to find yourself in a cell. Go though the left doorway to enter a second cell with a man moaning on a cot. (Poor guy!! What have they done to him?). Get the Small Medipack from the wall next to him and exit the cell through the door. Enter the cell ahead and pick up the Desert Ranger Clip from the far right corner, behind the coffin. Exit and go to the right.

Meeting Bouchard - You are about to enter Bouchard's office. Save your game before entering, because depending on your choices you may or not stay alive. Open the door and enter the office.

Be polite to Bouchard, especially on your first interactive choice. If you choose "Don't jerk me around", Bouchard gets mad, the video shows Lara being impolite and he finally kills her (oops!!). Better say that you lost your friend and you are wanted for his murder. Bouchard tells Lara that Von Croy wanted access to recent archeological diggings inside the Louvre. Lara asks for protection (difficult days in Paris) and Bouchard tells her that the best man for her is Daniel Rennes, the owner of the pawnshop (you will get this info in your Notebook after the dialogue). She will have to carry him some Czech Passports, so that Rennes will know you have come through Bouchard and to take care some "business arrangements" for him. [ Notebook Reference ]

You now have a Wad Of Passports in your inventory. Pull the lever on the left hand side of the room to open a cell gate back at the corridor. Exit the office and head to the end of the corridor. Enter the cell on your left and pick up the Vector-R35 Clip from the right hand corner. Push\ pull the movable crate to the left of the entrance (as you face it from inside, see this screenshot). Make sure you push it towards the entrance as much as you can, until you cannot push it further. Climb on the crate and jump up to grab the ledge above. Pull up and use the lever to open the door in Bouchard's office. Go back to the office and exit.

(Note about the items - At this point, St. Aircard's Church, Parisian Ghetto and the small part of Bouchard's Hideout level that you can access only from the Ghetto have been reset regarding the pick-ups, which means that you can re-collect all the items in these three levels, even if you got them before.)

Back to St. Aicard's Church - If you have not been here before, check this page on how you can get some items. Exit the Church to return to Parisian Ghetto. You have to go to Renne's Pawnshop as you have dealt with Bouchard. After exiting the Church, turn left and head down the ascent. Pass the truck and follow the road to the end. Enter Renne's Pawnshop.

The cut scene shows Lara entering the Pawnshop. She sees a man exiting from there. She enters the Pawnshop. It is messed up, the bar is broken in two pieces and she leaves the Passports on it.

Renne's pawnshop - Enter the room behind the broken bar. Rennes is dead and a symbol is drawn on the floor by his blood. Pick up Rennes' Wallet and go to the back of the room. If you approach the trapdoor on the left, Lara will say that it looks like a way out. There is also a locked door that needs a code to open. Examine Rennes' Wallet to get a Scrap Of Paper with the code on it. Enter the code (14529) to open the door.

When you enter the small room, Lara says that Werner obviously never had the chance to collect them. You do now. Start picking up the goodies: the Explosives, the Dart SS Gun and a four Dart Pack for it, the Map Of Sewers Around Louvre, the Map Of Archaeological Dig, the K2 Impactor Gun and the Battery for it. When you get all of them, you activate the laser censors, the door behind you closes and the camera shows an activated bomb.

You have about 35 seconds to escape. So, as soon as you have the control of Lara, turn right and push the button and open the door. Go towards the trapdoor on your right and open it. If you press the Up arrow key, Lara will turn around and hang from the edge. You then need to turn around in order to run, which is a complete waste time. Instead, after opening the trapdoor, press the Roll button. Lara will roll on the spot, fall through the trapdoor and face the direction of the way out. Follow the hallway, jumping at the same time. Again, drop through the hole and turn left. Start running to avoid the flames. Even if you think that you were caught by the flames, do not stop! Just keep running.

A cut scene shows Kurtis lighting a cigarette and watching Lara as she explodes from the building. He then throws the cigarette in the river and leaves.

In the next cut scene, Echardt addresses the Cabal (himself, Karel, Boaz, Muller and Gunderson). He already has the three Obscura Paintings and says that Werner had located the fourth one in Paris. Once they get it, they will reassemble in Prague, as it is time to awaken The Sleeper, the creature that we see at the same time. They are also closer to the Fifth and last Painting in Prague and they will gather in Strahov. He then calls Gunderson and asks him to dispatch his team for the Fourth Painting.


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