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The 4 midlevels that can be accessed by Parisian Ghetto

Small part of "Bouchard's Hideout" level

  • Kills: 0
  • Pick-ups: 9
  • Upgrades: NO

When you return from The Serpent Rouge and drop down to the street (Rue De Clef), there is a manhole close to the stage door. This leads you to a part of Bouchard's Hideout level that you can access only from the Ghetto level. You will play the Bouchard's Hideout level later, but you will not be able to access this part from the level itself. There is another manhole close to Janice from where you can enter. Following either way, go up the tunnel to reach a crossed intersection. If you entered from the manhole next to the garage door, follow the right hand tunnel. If you entered from the manhole close to Janice, follow the tunnel straight ahead. You reach a deep pit.

Notice the climbable wall on the right hand side and the alcove below. Hang from the edge of the metal ledge close to the wall and traverse to the left to grab the wall (as shown in this screenshot). Climb down to the alcove and pick up the Diamond Ring. Then climb back up. If, after grabbing the edge of the alcove, Lara denies shimming to the right, press the down direction key once. Also, as soon as you reach the top and Lara denies grabbing the ledge, press the up direction key once.

Take a running jump across the pit to grab the opposite ledge and pull up. Pick up the Vector-R35 Clip and climb up the ladder. Either dismount or back flip. Kick open the door in the next room and pick up the Large Health Pack. (Note: You cannot open this door if you have not gotten the upgrade from The Serpent Rouge.) Go around the walkway to get the 80€. Return back to the deep pit and again take a running jump to grab the opposite ledge. Pull up and follow the tunnel back to the crossed intersection.

Go through the tunnel on the right hand side. Climb on the box and jump up to grab the wall. Traverse to the right and pull onto the wooden platform. If Lara does not traverse to the wooden platform, press the up cursor key slightly. Jump to the opposite platform and jump up to grab the sill. Shimmy to the right and pull into the opening. Crawl into the next room and climb into the duct. You are back to Parisian Ghetto. This place is behind the Park, where Bernard is. Pick up the Vector-R35,Desert Ranger Clips, V-Packer Cartridges and two wads of 160€. Exit through the gate to emerge to the Park where Bernard is. Then exit the park.

St. Aicard's Church

  • Kills: 0
  • Pick-ups: 5
  • Upgrades: YES (legs)

Exactly opposite the Park is the St. Aicard's Church. Open the right hand door to enter. It is being used as a gym now. Follow the either left or right doorway and head to the other side of the church, behind the ring.

Push the movable stone block that is in front of the statue to get an upgrade in leg strength. Climb on it and jump up to grab the upper ledge. Pull up. There is a Small Medipack on the second ledge to the left hand side. Take a running jump to the first ledge and again take a running jump and grab the next one. If you keep falling down, grab the sill above and traverse to the left.

Once again, climb on the stone block and then onto the upper ledge. Climb up the wall and pull onto a ledge in front of a window. The camera does not help you a lot here. Hop on the rafters (Walk+Jump) and safely walk, avoiding the left hand part of them, because they collapse. Jump the gap and drop down at the end. Pick up the Diamond Ring and climb back up to the rafters. This time avoid the right hand part and jump again the gap.

Turn right to face the decrepit rafters. You can see the M-V9 and Vector-R35 Clips on a ledge below. Stand in front of the decrepit rafters and take a standing jump holding Action to grab the sill on the left (as shown in this screenshot). The rafters collapse whilst jumping over them and that way you can easily grab the sill. Release and press Action again to grab the ledge below. Pull up, pick up the Clips and safely drop to the ground.

Save your game and approach the trainer. Lara is willing to place a wager on the boxers. Although she wants to bet all of her money, they finally decide that she will give him 200€ if she loses. In the opposite case, the trainer will have to give Lara his Gold Watch. You may want to save your game before trying, because the odds are 50/50.

When you are done, exit the Church.

Willowtree Herbalist – When you exit the Church, turn left and head to the stairway on the left hand side. At the top of it is the Willowtree Herbalist. There is nothing to collect in there but the Herbalist gives some information about the Doorman. He is Bouchard's bodyguard and you have to find him in order to find Bouchard. He finally tells you that the Doorman needs money and a password. When you finish, exit to streets. [ Notebook Reference ]

Rennes' Pawnshop – When you exit the Willowtree Herbalist, go to the left, where the big truck is. Head close to Janice and continue straight ahead. The road leads to Rennes' Pawnshop. Open the door to get inside. Talking to Rennes, he asks "Are you are selling or buying?". Lara asks "How much for these?" and automatically you enter the inventory having the Items as the only option. Pawn everything since you are not going to use them later in the game (they are useless items in your inventory) and once you enter the next level (St. Aicard's Graveyard), there is NO way to come back. Do not be afraid to pawn what you have on you. Rennes will not buy something that it is useful for the game later.


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