The Angel Of Darkness
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Core Design has secured the vocal talents of some of today's most explosive actors, including stage and screen veteran Sir Anthony Hopkins, for voice-over roles performing characters from the latest Tomb Raider adventure Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Angel Of Darkness. We sensationally reveal the answer to the question on the lips of Tomb Raider fans across the globe. Who is the new Lara Croft? Tomb Raider Chronicles caught up with experienced voice-over artist and actress Jonell Elliott and quizzed her on her role as Britain's most potent female videogame export to date and confirm her return as the electrically charged voice of Lara Croft. Check out our exclusive interview below:

Hello Jonell. Thank you for taking the time to answers our questions. Our leading questing is on your identity which so far has been shrouded in mystery. Who are you? Have you done voice-over work before? Have you performed on-screen or on-stage before? If so, in what productions?

My name is Jonell Elliott and I am an experienced voice-over artist and actress. My voice-over credits include commercials for Wella, Oil of Olay, Macdonald's, Loot, Nescafe, Dover Court, BU Perfume, Daily Mail, Lloyds bank, Sony, Natwest, Natural plus and many more. I've been a regular on Disney, Living and Cartoon Network promos and very popular on CD-Rom games such as The Island of Doctor Moreau and City Of The Lost Children. I have also voiced a few cartoon series such as Enigma and Angelina Ballerina for ITV. Visually I was a regular in Grange Hill (BBC), Family Affairs, (Channel 5), Second Sight (BBC), and Beer Goggles which is a film for Channel 4. I've also appeared in Elvis The Musical in the West End (1996) and performed at the Edinburgh Festival in A Brief Affair.

In less than three months, hundreds of thousands of Tomb Raider fans will be hearing your voice as Lara Croft. How does that make you feel? Were you nervous when you first began recording?

Well obviously it's been very exciting and a huge honour to record the voice of the character Lara Croft for the game Tomb Raider, over the past few years. I've voiced Lara on Tomb Raider 4, 5 and 6: The Angel of Darkness, so I'm pretty comfortable in her skin right now. As for being nervous I find whenever I'm recording I so thoroughly enjoy the experience that I find no time to get nervous.

As you are aware, the Tomb Raider phenomenon is one of this generations most potent franchises. Why do you think Lara Croft has captured the imagination of fans across the world?

I believe that Lara has become such the star she is today because of the positive image that she portrays. Obviously the world was ready for a strong, intellectual female adventurer - especially a girl with such attitude.

Were you familiar with the Tomb Raider series before taking on the role of Lara Croft? If so, what Tomb Raider games have you played? Did you complete any?

Of course I was aware of the huge success of Tomb Raider and on occasion I've tried playing all the Tomb Raider games except of course The Angel of Darkness. I'm afraid to say I've never completed any of them, but just voicing the character of Lara Croft makes me feel I've experienced lots of adventures already.

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