The Angel Of Darkness
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The Sting - "There's a massive sting in that tail to the game. Eckhardt met the last Nephilim in the 1300's, who told him that they need somebody to go out, they are dying and they have put themselves into an ark that's hidden - and that's the second game - they need somebody to go out and bring back their race. The Nephilim did a deal with Eckhardt, the deal was that they'd give him longevity of life if he went on a took the cause and carry on what they were trying to do. So Eckhardt actually met a Nephilim back then. He actually double-crossed them in 1442; he tried to stitch them up, and they hadn't fully gone, they were still here, so they threw him into a pit that was hell like. That's ware he stayed until 1945 which was a castle in Germany called Castle Kriegler, the castle was bombed and he escaped. So he's been back among the population since 1945. He has now abandoned the idea of bringing back the Nephilim and getting a pat on the head. He now wants to be the head honcho of the Cabal and the Nephilim and become like them. The Cabal as an organisation have what's known as the Sleeper, a sleeping Nephilim. They realise that if they get the Obscura painting and perform a ceremony they'll bring Nephilim back. What you don't realise is a twist right at the end of The Angel of Darkness, when Lara confronts Eckhardt and they have a bit of a showdown. Lara is about to kill him by putting some shards into him. Karel, Eckhardt's right-hand man who runs the Cabal organisation, will then jump out of the shadows and actually kill Eckhardt. Lara talks to Karel, questioning what he's just done. Then he shows himself to Lara, showing that he is the Nephilim. He says you're all in trouble because I've been manipulating the whole system. All the way through I've been manipulating Eckhardt, and the Cabal, I've been manipulating you. And in actual fact, you all believe Eckhardt killed Von Croy. It wasn't, it was Karel that killed him."

What next? - "So you've given Karel all the pieces he wants and now he's gone. That then becomes the beginning of the second game. And there's a bit of a twist. I don't think people will see the Karel thing coming from anywhere because there's no reason for it. But he shows himself at the end and to just really confuse everybody we've said that the Nephilim are shapeshifters. So the way he shows himself to Lara is by changing through the various people who have come up to Lara throughout the game and have told her what to do. Throughout the game, that was Karel manipulating her path. The reason he was doing that was because he wants the painting. No one has been able to find them other then Lara, so he manipulated the whole situation. He Lara at the beginning so she was accused of murder, he wanted the painting so he got Lara to look for them. Eckhardt's a great baddy, but at the end of The Angel of Darkness to all intents and purposes he's killed. So he's actually gone. Karel isn't, he shows himself to be a Nephilim, he escapes and there's no way of killing him."

Kurtis Doomed - "The last time you see Kurtis he's collapsed on the floor, injured. He's being considered for the second game and could be a really big part of it, but ... if he stiffs and people really hate him, potentially he could be dead. I hope not though, because there's already a part written for him in the second and third games. That's why Lara collects Kurtis' Chirugai weapon at the end of The Angel of Darkness. The give-away is that it glows, showing that he still has power and so that Kurtis could be alive. Will Lara get to him in time? You'll have to wait and find out! In the second game Lara goes to the Nephilim stronghold under Cappadocia. The whole game is under Turkey in Cappadocia. Lara finds some secret passage and that's where the Nephilim race were, that was their stronghold. She's given Karel everything he needs, so he's gone back there and is starting something that Lara has to stop. We never really wanted to reveal the Nephilim in their true form. We showed the Sleeper, but that's as much as we ever wanted to show of them. What we're actually doing now for the second game is designing the whole Nephilim race: what do Nephilim look like? You'll have to wait and see..."

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