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Carter - UPA Squad Leader

Carter has plenty of experience and has worked his way up through the UPA ranks to his present position. Takes his job and position seriously. Not looking forward to 'retirement' to a desk job at 40 - as is standard in the UPA.

Minoko - UPA Tech Division

An orphan who was put into the UPA youth training program at 9 years after showing high levels of aptitude with computers. Became a full UPA operative at only 17 (the youngest age possible).

Andre - UPA Engineering Division

A skilled engineer with a natural ability to understand and repair mechanical and electrical systems. Joined the UPA at 25, looking for excitement after growing restless in his previous job as a SkyLift engineer.

Amber - UPA Cyborg Division

Suffered horrific injuries in a Skyway accident at the age of 19 and chose to become one of the 'Metal Heads' of the UPA rather than have normal human-cyborg reconstructive surgery.

'Control' - UPA Control

Retired field operative who has taken up position as the 5th member of Carter's 4-man squad. Although the Control for a team often varies depending on the mission, he and Carter have worked together many times before.

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