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Evolution of Lara Croft

Lara Croft Models - Lara Weller

There's an astonishing selection of crap jobs an actor can end up doing, but the bottom of any barrel, according to FHM magazine, is the computer game character. The down-at-heel luvvy will puff and sweat his way around shopping centres in a preposterous foam suit, and the best coverage the chump can expect is a twee headline in the local rag.

But playing one pixelated character has been a handy springboard for the careers of a plethora of fine ladies. There's Rhona Mitra, whose break led to fronting Channel 5's Pepsi Chart Show and a starring role in upcoming Hollywood flick Beowulf. Then there's Nell McAndrew, star of the FHM 2000 Calendar, who is making It's A Knockout almost watchable.

Hoping for the same golden touch is 24-year-old Dutch model Lara Weller, who is pulling on the rubber top and leather shorts to promote what promises to be Lara Croft's fourth and final outing, The Last Revelation.